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Still Life was founded when Evan Bowers and Mike Dojcsak contacted each other over an online ad. Both of them looking for something new musically. Evan had many core songs constructed and Mike came to practice with him acoustically for the first time. Mike started adding tasteful lead-lines instantly and the two had a musical chemistry from the start. 
Erik Thorkildsen had previously been in a band with Mike. They had toured Ontario and Quebec together, but their previous act had fallen apart. When Erik had heard that Mike was starting a new band, he jumped at the opportunity to play with him once again. They enlisted Erik for a try-out and the three instantly clicked, realizing that each of them had a similar goal within music: to create songs that people would really care about. 
For the next few months, the three band members would continue to write, refine, and bounce song ideas off of each other. It had become time to enlist a bassist. For weeks, the band searched endlessly for a bass player who was committed and who could have as much love for the new project, as they had. The band recruited a bassist to play for them. After the band had practiced together and ironed any kinks in the songs they had worked on, they wanted to record an EP. Evan Bowers had previously worked with Adam Newcomb of Newcomb Studios, and was confident in heading to his studio in Cobourg, Ontario to record the first Still Life effort.  
So in May of 2012, Still Life drove up to Cobourg, Ontario, to start tracking for their first EP. After three days of endless tracking, the EP was finished and the guys were happy with the raw tracking. Upon receiving the final master of what was their first recorded musical effort, Evan and the guys were more than ecstatic with the outcome. 
After another month of practice, it had become apparent that their bass player would have to part ways with the band, and again, the members of Still Life would have to search for a new bass player who was committed to the project. The biggest problem that the members faced, was that soon they were preparing to record a music video for the first single off of their new EP. As if by fate, Corey Brouwer of a local Hamilton band, Magnetic Love, stepped up to the plate to be a stand in for the music video. After spending an entire afternoon together, the guys in Still Life knew that Corey was the last piece of their puzzle. When Corey instantly loved the music they were creating as much as they did; Evan, Mike, and Erik couldn’t believe how perfect the the band’s chemistry would become with Corey onboard. 
On September 1st, Still Life will be releasing their first EP, now entitled Page One. The five-song CD was engineered, mixed, and mastered completely by Adam Newcomb of Newcomb Studios in Cobourg, Ontario. The album art for the CD was hand drawn by a local Hamilton artist named Sharlene Black; a close friend of the band. A limited run of 150 CDs have been printed for Page One’s release. The short-run of physical copies are met with an online release through the band’s BandCamp page, where fans can choose to download it for free, or pay what they want for the EP.
Still Life are launching with new heads on their shoulders; after seeing past musical projects fail, the boys are looking at this project from a different angle, under a different light. Go see them at a live music venue near you. Check out their tour dates on any of their social networks.

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