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All five of us met during our high school years with the exception of Gordy and Evan, who long before then had met due to the fact that they are brothers. Early on in high school, Ben, Pat and Spence met through a friend and through their mutual love of music quickly started a band. Within a year, they met Evan. After an initial mix-up had been settled he became the next member of the band. For one reason or another, Evan was misled to believe we were a Christian-rock band. For a while we practiced and played around town, fine-tuning our songwriting skills and our performances. After a year or so of collaboration and many generations of songs we invited Gordy to jam with us on a whim. Hearing what he could do with our songs, we all knew we had found our drummer. Again, this time with the help of Gordy, we worked on our song writing and performances. Finally finishing two songs we were all truly proud of, we decided to start taking things seriously and have them professionally recorded.

For four weekends in August and September we kept Michael Keire company in his studio. While at Threshold recording studio, Mike produced, recorded and mixed our single and we realized that recording is one of the most fun things you can do. We got along fantastically with Mike and really appreciated the relaxed environment and his pro-experimentation take on recording. We never once felt the pressure to get things done quickly and because of this we were able to fiddle around with everything from recording in stairwells to messing around with mooger foogers. With the completion of our double A-side, “This I’ve Heard”, we decided to name ourselves New Hands after one of Spence’s lyrics from our song ‘Through the Woodwork’. Now with our single released we are playing as many shows as we can so we can get back in the studio and release more music for you!

Hamilton has been great to us with an abundance of guidance from many fantastic local bands. Still based in Hamilton we are planning to play all over Canada and break into the States as soon as possible. We love playing shows and above all we love when people come to our shows and dance. We are New Hands. There are five of us.

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16. January 2013 by Gunner
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