Illusion Avenue @illusionavenue #hamont


River Guard, Matt Page, Nate Belgrave, Charles Kostash.

The names of the kids strapped with instruments ready to kick your ass! At ages 17 16 and 14! These guys have managed to built up quite a reputation among the local scene. Since 2009, when Nate and River were just freshman in highschool, these guys have been playing and writing some of the most delicious jams ever to tickle your ear drums. They have gotten on some pretty impressive bills, including opening for the legendary MONSTER TRUCK on more than one occasion. Last year, they took the stage at the Hamilton Music Awards Rising Star search and blew away everyone within earshot. Winning some pretty radical prizes including recording time at the prestigious studio that is Grant Avenue Studios. They worked their little fingers to the bone preparing for the recording of just an ep, and in less than 24 hours, they recorded a full length album to give to the public! Their album (Less Than 24) was released Sunday May 20th 2012 at This Aint Hollywood. Since then Illusion Avenue has been going around rocking clubs all over the hammer. Dont miss their next show!

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21. January 2013 by Gunner
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