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The Monarch Project can be described as a vibrant wall of rock and roll. Originating from Hamilton, Ontario, this four piece group draws influences from rock bands like The Beatles, The Yardbirds, and Oasis. The Monarch Project was formed in January of 2012 and has already hit the ground running with a busy performing schedule including various appearances at venues on King William Street as well as a few festival gigs this upcoming June. The band will continue performing over this summer to road-test their material with plans to enter the recording studio later this year.

Band Members:
Vocals/Guitar: Joe Boudreau
Drums: Rob Nagy
Bass: James Rea Girt
Guitar: Jose Batista

Twitter:  @Projectmonarch 

Facebook: The Monarch Project


Youtube: ProgectMonarchMusic


30. January 2013 by Gunner
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