The Dirty Nil @thedirtynil #hamont

Remember the time you walked in a club and the band on stage just blew you away? That is The Dirty Nil. This three piece rock band hailing from Hamilton Ontario consists of : Luke Bentham on guitar and vocals, Kyle Fisher on drums, and Dave Nardi on bass. Watching these guys play reminds you of what rock exuberance is all about. It’s a combination of ear splitting music and fun. I see influences in this band from The Replacements to Nirvana. That is my opinion, not yours. So check them out and form your own!


Twitter:  @thedirtynil

Facebook: thedirtynil

Youtube: The Dirty  Nil

Bandcamp: thedirtynil

Soundcloud: thedirtynil

Tumblr: thedirtynil




04. January 2013 by Gunner
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