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There is a special feeling that takes over when you step on a stage, under the lights, with your guitar or drum sticks in your hand, knowing your brother has your back. That is how the boys of TwoPeaceExtraSpicy feel every time they perform.

James, the oldest brother, displayed an interest in music from a tender age, when he picked up a guitar at only fourteen, inspired by legends such as Jack White, The Black Keys, The Arkells, Young Rival and Born Ruffians.

James, now eighteen, has combined his miner’s work ethic with his forte for musical flair, by starting to write his own poetic lyrics and memorable riffs. James’ affinity for playing slide infuses his rock tunes with a Blues element, and his vocals ring with soul, uncommon to someone still relatively young.

No duo is complete without a partner, and no band without drums, which is where Ryan comes in. Em-boldened by nearly the same collection of artists as James, Ryan’s path into the world of rock was less in-tentional but fated non the less. Ryan messed around on the electric drums one day, and then every once in a while he would jam with James. At one particular jam session, James stopped, listened attentively and observed, “Wow, he can actually play!”And there you have it; the beginning!

In June of 2012, the boys landed their first proper gig at the Casbah in downtown Hamilton, Ontario. Panic struck when they realized they were yet to uncover their band,s name; they needed something quick. Although they always liked the name Two Piece, it was unfortunately already taken. Not giving up on the name, they settled on Two Peace … but they weren’t done there. If you’ve had the opportunity to see them perform, you’d agree they’re spicy; EXTRA spicy. Incorporating the catchy suffix, they finalized on TwoPeaceExtraSpicy!

29. January 2013 by Gunner
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