Hamilton Youth Poetry Slam

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Short Summary

The Hamilton Youth Poetry Slam (HYPS) is Hamilton’s first Youth slam and was created to give Youth a chance to have their voices heard. Once a month HYPS offers youth, poets and audiences alike the opportunity to take part in free workshops, share on the open mic, and listen to the voices of young poets sharing their original work in the friendly competition of Slam.

What is a Slam?  Slam poetry is the competitive art of performance poetry. It puts a dual emphasis on writing and performance, encouraging poets to focus on what they’re saying and how they’re saying it…. but remember, “The points are not the point; the point is poetry” The goal of a slam is to encourage the growth and strength of our artistic community, and in and of it’s self, that’s poetry.

HYPS has been given the opportunity to attend “Louder Than A Bomb”(LTAB)
LTAB is the worlds largest youth poetry festival in the world. It is a safe space that emphasizes community building, education, and youth empowerment. LTAB gathers the best and brightest young writers who work collaboratively to create an environment of mutual trust and support. For many youth, being a part of such an environment—is life-changing.

What We Need & What You Get

We are taking 9 youth with us to Chicago to attend, compete, and experience LTAB. The total cost per person $950 for a total of $8550. We’ve gathered $2750

This leaves us with a total of $5800 left to raise.


Personalized poems
HYP-Slam t-shirts
HYP-Slam season passes
Live performance

All donations are welcome to lower the per-youth cost on this trip. We look forward to the experiences we’ll share and remain deeply grateful for the opportunity you created.

The Impact

The experience of attending LTAB offers youth a life changing experience, along with coaching, professional development, cultural exchange, workshops, international collaborations, and the opporunity to share their stories and communities on an international stage.


“Poetry gives me a voice”

“It is empowerment and salvation. Most importantly, it’s support. Knowing that we are not alone. 

“Spoken word is freedom.”

“It gave me life”

 “I want to build a community where everyone is accepted. And poetry lets me do this”

“Three minutes of pure weightlessness.”

“Inspires, motivates, uplifts, enlightens, releases”

Other Ways You Can Help

We understand that sometimes you just can’t contribute financially, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use your help. It would mean so much to us if you could get the word out and make some noise about HYP-Slam and our campaign. Sharing this page with friends & family via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, email, and any other means of communication. Please continue to help us make history!

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