Matt Drake & Ryan Rust present.Live Reggae/Ska all night long! March 30th @casbahhamilton @dodgermusic



So I’m a throwin’ a party! Yes, yes. Our good friend Ryan Rust a.k.a “Poochie” , will be dropping by the Hammer March 30th. All the way from Calgary. One night to party our brains out! I’ll be doing some Dodger songs plus two sets of Ska/Reggae tracks with my bud Ken Corke from Lofi on bass and Andrew Joseph from Jojeto on drums. And of course “Pooch” will be singing a handful of these songs with us. So this is an early shout out to all! The Casbah Lounge is a dope spot, but doesn’t have a big capacity. SO DON’T BE LATE! This will be a killa night! Spread the word.

The Casbah
306 King Street West, Hamilton, Ontario L8P 1B1
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27. March 2013 by Gunner
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