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 I come from a home that never knew what it had to offer, but still offered itself just the same.
  Music was never discussed at length. It just was. It was the soundtrack, the heartbeat that connected each moment seamlessly to the next. From the moment I asked, “what’s jazz?” at the age of three to this very moment as I sit here writing, music has been the end all and be all of my understanding. Navigating a course of music lessons as a child, through all different instruments, I eventually found my own voice and a love of playing the guitar.
  Along the way, the shy youngest boy, of a musically appreciative yet musically inept family, discovered a joy in performing. Taking a cue from songwriters and stand-ups I found a way to connect with an audience through both my music and my sense of humour. The songs of Lyle Lovett, Bill Withers, Gil Scott-Heron, Jason Mraz, John Mayer and even Irving Berlin, helped me find a line I still walk today as I navigate my career. Their songs of the heart have always been the ones that I connected with. The breaking of, the mistaking of, discovery, and recovery of the heart, have always been intrepid in my songwriting.
  Now, as I write myself, the words work their own way, I only try to craft them as they pass and hope that one day I’ll have the same connection to others that the ones who molded me had.


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