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Creating their home base in Hamilton, Ontario, The Human Orchestra blends folk, rock and jazz together to create their own sound. Though new to the scene with their first live date at The Casbah on Feb 29th, 2012, this ten membered band hit the ground running. Spending their first year playing numerous shows and recording an EP in July (Lip Service) at Oak Studio along side Justin Helle. The bands first real representation outside of live performance; Lip Service has the signature sounds of THO. Layering keyboards, guitars, banjo, drums, horns and a vast choir of vocals the EP landed this young band the opportunity of being invited to play with the likes of Library Voices, Two Hours Traffic and Great Bloomers as well as being nominated for best new group of the year at The Hamilton Music Awards (2012).2013 brings new and exciting things for THO. The release of their first music video in March and placing in the top 5 for Hamilton in the CBC Music Searchlight contest, THO is looking forward this year…

“The Human Orchestra are probably my favourite band to see live these days… for a nine to 14 piece ‘orchestra’ they are really really tight.”
– Cody Lanktree (January 2013) Hamilton Seen/Loud City Podcast.”you guys need to be on the radio” – Gary Beemer (December 2012) Caledonia”The Human Orchestra deserves a real tip-of-the-hat for their ability to create such rich tracks and subtle arrangements. They fall somewhere between simple and complicated, seeming effortless until you consider the multiple layers and pieces that make up each song. It’s fantastic, it really is, and it’s definitely worth a listen or two (or fifty).” – Jenny Meister (November 2012) Indie 403″A recent bio for The Human Orchestra listed a staggering 9 members and upon listening to their new EP, Lip Service, it’s easy to imagine a jam-packed stage, or studio, heaving with the organized musical chaos that must occur every time the Hamilton-based band performs. JB Reed’s distinct vocals are the highlight of the four-song album, especially on the Mumford and Sons-inspired “Lawsuit City” (a banjo- and horn-heavy rave-up that’s an absolute joy to behold). However it’s on the lush lament of “The Winter Song” and on the country-roots-rock romp of “Heavy Handed Heart” that the band really shines. An absolute gem of an EP.” – Hamilton Magazine (Fall 2012)

“A band from Caledonia that conjures up images of Arcade fire, Mumford and Sons or Hey Rosetta – it can and has happened but not without the influence of their more urban neighbor. The Human Orchestra has fashioned a rootsy rural music but one that’s grown up in the shadow of the steel mills perhaps.” – Ric Taylor (September 2012); View Magazine

“The band, with it’s unique and deliciously complicated blend of rock, jazz and folk, has gone through many lineup changes, but recently they have solidified members.” – Mike Burgess (August 2012) Grand River Sachem.

“The Human Orchestra took to the stage, delivering a performance that was easily the highlight of the night.” Paul Fowler (March 8, 2012) McMaster University The Silhouette

“A band that just might join the others on our list as big time contributors to Can-culture” Thought Out Loud, Four Questions for The Human Orchestra (Sep 28, 2011);

“Perfect fall soundtrack material…. a backwoods version of The Polyphonic Spree”
Miss Melissa, CBC Radio 3 – Miss Melissa’s Top Ten (Sep 29, 2011);

“Incredibly, given the high quality, the listening audience would never know that this EP was actually recorded in a bedroom and a church office.” Mike Burgess, Caledonia Sachem (Oct 25, 2011);

“I’ve been listening to this stuff, and I really like it… it sounds great”
Frank Edward Nora, The Overnightscape 834 (Nov 8, 2011);

“Catchy, yet impressive as well… I really, really enjoy what they are doing here”
Brian Jude, The Brian Jude Show (Nov 10, 2011);

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