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Further The Lion is a band that I’ve noted to support other local talent around them, and encourage online promoting of other bands and musicians! A rare and unique quality that made them stand out to me to begin with.


With interest in playing more Hamilton shows, I’m surewe’ll be seeing more of them soon our way.

Taken from their Facebook page Bio (find their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/FurtherTheLion

Further The Lion is a group of four young musicians from Hamilton, Ontario. They started out as friends and eventually formed a band in their last year of high school. In only 2 short years, these guys have grown, explored and have racked up quite a list of accomplishments. For instance, shortly after releasing their first album “Terrifying Hallucinations” under a previous band name, it was featured and highly perceived by Allan Cross, on his show “Exploring Music”. Even in the infancy of their careers, these four intelligent and extremely talented young men have had the privilege to be featured on MuchMusic, Festival of Friends, 900 CHML and other local radio stations. We’ve established a connection and earned respect from A&R Director for Universal Music & Underground Operations, Mark Spicoluk. Morerecently, the band has opened for Die Mannequin, and while playing at the Y108 Spring Music Festival caught the attention of Lanois-schooled producer, Giuliano Baglioni (Dashboard Confessional, City & Colour). “After seeing over 500 bands at the Y108 spring music festival, listening to Further The Lion was a breath of fresh air”. There are no egos or pretentious attitudes here, just one goal of bringing their music to the masses, one market at a time. Since then, Further The Lion has literally been itching to get new music into fans’ and record labels hands. With the help of producer Christopher T. Wilson (HMA Rock Album of the Year – PERENNIALS) their self-titled album is now available.”

See what I mean? I look forward to seeing them play more this summer! They WILL be playing GORE PARK on June 28th! I suggest checking it out, you shan’t regret it!


Twitter: @furtherthelion

Facebook: Furtherthelion

Website:  www.reverbnation.com/furtherthelion

Youtube: Furtherthelion

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