Jetpacks to Jupiter #hamont @JetpackstoJ

Jetpacks to Jupiter


Vocals: Josh Tiller
Guitar/Vocals: Darren Marranca
Bass: Cam Smith
Drums: Jeff Plunkett


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… Wait, wait, that’s not it. Let’s start again.
Jetpacks to Jupiter is an alternative/rock band hailing from the distinctive steel city of Hamilton, Ontario. Although the boys in Jetpacks have only been playing solidly for 6 months, they’ve known each other for years. Having all formerly been of the band Circuit for the Blackout, Jetpacks to Jupiter isn’t only a step up from the previous post-hardcore band they once were, but an entirely new entity in itself.

Fusing wondrous melody with aggressive hard rock, and combining ambient sound with atmospheric edge, Jetpacks to Jupiter offers something different to the Hamilton Music Scene— an essence of sound that has long been forgotten.

With a sense of clarity and punch to their live show and a kick-ass stage presence, Jetpacks to Jupiter is sure to climb up the ranks of the Hamilton Music Scene and branch out further than ever before.

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Facebook: Jet Packs to Jupiter

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