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“Shades of Elle does New York City, 2013”





Yesterday afternoon I landed back in Buffalo from my amazing trip to New York City with my mom, Kristen (Kretchen as a lot of you will know her 😉 ) and her mom (my old teacher/Judy/Aunty Judy a few times during the trip.

Great times and memories yet again in NYC, we stayed in a suite in Manhattan and partied on a rooftop hotel bar which was rated one of the top 5 places to party at in NYC (somehow we got to by-pass the line and get an escort up to the roof, I guess some people find us Canadians charming!).

Rightfully so- I noticed this weekend how true of a Hamiltonian (Stoney Creekian), Canadian I am (with pride). We are so much more considerate to each other. Let’s all take a moment to recognize how fortunate we are to have such a supportive community in Hamilton. NYC is amazing, and I absolutely love it there. However, the common courtesy that most of us Hamiltonians extend to one another on a typically daily basis is not common in NYC. Sure, Hamilton has some super-lame-jerk-faces, but everywhere does. I’m just saying that I’m a proud Hamiltonian, Canadian. We have such culture on our own and have not segregated ourselves in order to do that. The more we grow, I hope that we can continue our good character regarding the importance of a sense of community among each other.

I see great things for the Hamilton city and community in our future. We are so culturally rich and have a sense of pride for our arts and musical communities, our religious communities, our business communities, etc, and a respect for the importance of the acceptance and respect for our differences (a continual goal we strive for). Take a moment to pat yourself on the back, Hamilton. We’re doing a good job.

Manhattan, in New York City has wonderfully rich diversities and is incredibly rich in the arts and musical communities. I found music EVERYWHERE I went (a musician’s paradise, indeed). Every subway ride came with musical performances- even some of the rides on the subway cars themselves! So much busking- but with full sets of gear that just radiated their sound everywhere around them and it was beautiful! Loved it! So much desire to play anywhere and everywhere they could!

So, right before my trip I made some stickers that said things like #HamOnt Was Here! And some links to this very site with my hashtages #FindDanielle and #ShadesOfElle that looked like this:

Posted on a Subway-Car. Shhh! 


Wouldn’t it be neat to get someone from NYC randomly checking out some of the artists we write about and post shows about on this site? Twas my goal! Spread our scene’s appreciation: as I said, I see great potential in our city.

I know, I know, I’m an idealist and love love and unity. But where some people may see that as an unrealistic way of seeing the world, I say we all should choose to see the world as a place of great opportunity and hope if we all work for it (Hey, side note alert! I speak about our humanity, and am aware issues with politics are matters of concern and deserve serious attention).

So I guess this whole thing is about how much I loved New York City and the richness of their culture, but at the same time how much I missed home’s appreciation and support of community. We’re in this world together, Hamilton!

I pieced together a few of the videos I took during this vacation for your TOTAL viewing pleasure- these musical performances and expressions of artistic creativity are truly beautiful treats to watch. Hope you enjoy! I highly recommend going to New York City. It’s always such an amazing experience full of new adventures and, ahem, awesome shopping!

Speaking of shopping. I did purchase a ridiculous amount of new clothes. I’m back to work at The Casbah starting tomorrow: come see some of my fun new clothes when you come to check out some of these amazing shows we have coming up! Ask me about my NYC adventures- I have a million interesting stories about the place! (We all know I love to talk 🙂





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02: Adam Pipe & Tyler Meloche Presents: Jay Stock,A Tribute & Benefit for the Family of Jay Lees, featuring live music by Abstract, The Plain Steel (9pm), 19+ // Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/164847867030003/


03: (LOUNGE): Jordan Scherer Presents: The Ghost of Cheeseburgers Past featuring Paul Boychuk (Hammer Night Live), Maggie Petit (NxNE 2013) & Patrick Coppolino (Monsters of Comedy) (7:30pm), 19+ // Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/541224712606197/


06: (LOUNGE): Frank & Kim Koren Presents: Kim Koren & Marta Pacek (7:30pm-10pm), 19+


07: DMTNT Presents: Dead Men Tell No Tales Release Party, Forgotten Glory, Amber Damned, Lovers Love Lies (8pm), LIC-AA


08: New Hands & I Heart Hamilton Presents: New Hands End-of-Summer Bash/Going Away Party for Spencer & Ben (8pm), LIC-AA


09: Dave Gaudet Presents: 2nd Annual Allan Roberts Memorial Concert, featuring AxDxDx, Shotdead, June & July, Adelleda (9pm), 19+ // Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/164847867030003/


09: (LOUNGE): Victoria Stewart Presents: Birthday Suit Comedy (8pm-10pm), 19+


09: (LOUNGE): Grant Coates Presents, A Post-Art Crawl Punker feat. System System, SoniCRIME, Lipp (10pm), 19+


13: Joey Turner Presents: Go To The West EP Release Party, guests (8pm), LIC-AA


16: Indoorshoes Presents, The Dirty Nil, Pup, SM, Black Baron (8pm), LIC-AA


17: Jesse Rose Presents: Kandy Face, Animal Shelter, more tbd (9pm), 19+


17: (LOUNGE): Young Heart Music Presents: Say Yes (feat. members of Grade/Saint Alvia/Alexisonfire), guests (9pm), 19+


22: D&M Presents: Dawn & Marra Album Release Party, The Human Orchestra, The Bandicoots, All Names Taken (8pm), LIC-AA


23: (LOUNGE): Ashley Sloggett Presents: Dirty Jeans End-of-Summer Bash, guests (9pm), 19+


24: Brian Wirth Presents: Thought Beneath Film, End of Summer-Bash, guests (8pm), 19+


24: (LOUNGE): Spherical Productions Presents, House of David Gang Reggae Party (9pm), 19+


29: This Is Hamilton Presents: The Monarch Project End-of-Summer Bash, Father Figure, more tbd (8pm), LIC-AA


29: (LOUNGE): Marcus Perry Presents: Monkeys With Machetes Release Party, The Tracks, Good God Damn, Amber Damned (8pm), 19+, No Cover // Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/642140442464224/


So I’ll see you soon, Hamilton! But check out my New York City video “Shades of Elle in New York City VLOG 2013” below! The last part of the video has a VLOG entry interrupted by some people around me talking to me, and the conversations (not video- I just put my phone down) are great! A couple from Tennessee and New York City Police Officers!

Stay classy.

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