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Ok so I know that this time of year can get hectic. It’s back to school and the end of summer, and we become very busy.

That being said, The Casbah is giving you a heads up for what’s playing LIVE at The Casbah in September! Now you’ll be able to book your busyness without missing any of the awesome shows coming up! 

Take a look! Then visit the Facebook Event HERE and hit that little “attend” button so you can stay up-to-date if any extra awesome details get added or posted about the events! 

Full Event Listings for SEPTEMBER at Casbah, listed below:

Bookings & Inquiries:
306 King St W | Hamilton | 905 741 7625

Advance Tickets:
Brews N Bands:!/BrewsNBands

EVENT LISTINGS: Ticket Outlet Directory: CL = Casbah Lounge, DD = Dr.Disc, WEB = Casbah’s website, OB = opening bands

Hours of Operation: Casbah is open on an event-by-event basis. Generally we open between 7 & 8 pm. Check the event lisitngs below for specific information on when we are open.

01: Tarek Funk Presents: Mother Tareka & The Greezy Steez End-of-Summer Party with (9pm), 19+ (Tickets: CL, DD, OB)

01: (LOUNGE): Max & Greg Cain Presents: The Great Divide, The Bandicoots, Wide Variety & The Slims (8pm), LIC-AA

03: Jillian Charlotte Presents: Boys With An Atlas EP Release Party (8pm), LIC-AA

05: Justin Golan Presents: The Color (Release Party), Altobeelays, Morgan Donors, Revery Eyes (8pm), LIC-AA

06: Will Ross Presents: Will Ross of Psychedelicatessen, John Kirby, guests (9pm), 19+

07: Cincinnati Records Presents: The Mahones, The Saints Are Coming, more tbd (8pm), 19+ (Tickets: CL, DD, WEB, OB)

08: The Wild Suns Presents: The Wild Suns, The Conservation Authority, Miniver Sail (8pm), LIC-AA

12: Skyway Entertainment Presents: Vivid Eye, Amberfallen, Dawn Before Descent, Dead Men Tell No Tales (7pm), LIC-AA

13: Cincinnati Records Presents: The Planet Smashers, K-Man & the 45’s, The Lucky Monsters, The General (8pm), 19+ (Tickets: CL, DD, WEB, OB)

13: (LOUNGE): Chris Bruder Presents: The Altobeelays, Juice CD Release Party (10pm), 19+

14: The Squids Presents: Jam Squid (Release Party), & guests (9pm), 19+

17: Cincinnati Records Presents: The Creepshow, Hellbound Hepcats, The Boys, The Hammerantics (8pm), LIC-AA (Tickets: CL, DD, WEB, OB)

18: Cincinnati Records Presents: Jenn Grant, Jim Bryson, Matthew DeZoete (7:30pm), LIC-AA (Tickets: CL, DD, WEB, OB)

18: (LOUNGE): Presents Grey Kingdom (Album Release Tour), Jenny Berkel, Molly Babin (9pm), LIC-AA

19: In Tha Kut Radio Presents: Oddisee, Koncept, J57, Babylon Warchild, Part Mada + DJ Kryme Won, TheDemon, Mook the Greek (10pm), 19+ // Event:

19: (LOUNGE): AimBooking Presents: Chloe Charles (Stepsister of Julian Lennon), Georgian Bay (Indie-Folk-jazz), 1 tbd (7:30pm-10pm), 19+

20: Jef Gurney Presents: Animal Shelter CD Release Party, The Good Fridays, more TBA (9pm), 19+

20: (LOUNGE): Peter Sleep Presents: Hot Kid, Racoon Wedding, more tbd (9pm), 19+

21: Still Life Presents: Still Life CD Release Party (9pm), 19+

22: Cincinnati Records Presents: Man Overboard, Real Friends, Young Statues, Forgotten Glory, Here’s To Many (6:30pm), LIC-AA + in the lounge: Go To The West, Fighting Season, Coldfront (Tickets: CL, DD, WEB, OB)

23: Cincinnati Records Presents: Royal Canoe, guests (8pm), LIC-AA

23: (LOUNGE): Paquin Presents: Steady Hills (Halifax Heavy Folk-Rock), guests (8pm), LIC-AA

27: No King For Countrymen CD Release Party, guests (8pm), LIC-AA

28: Frank Raso Presents: Funkhaus (9pm), 19+

28: (LOUNGE): Cincinnati Records & Dr Disc Presents: DJ Vadim, guests (9pm), 19+ (Tickets: CL, DD, WEB, OB)


I’ll keep you posted, Hamilton.
Until then, stay classy.

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