Circus Orange 9/14/2013 8:05 PM Circus Orange Event Area @Supercrawl #SUPERCRAWL2013

Saturday September 14th 8:05 PM | Circus Orange Event Area

Our show at Super Crawl this year will be a custom ensemble of a number of our more awesome show components fit together seamlessly to create a spectacular twenty-five minute long performance. The show will consist of the following elements: Our pedal powered flying Pyrocopter, a flying opera singer with a dramatic pyro waterfall, our truly original flamethrower trampoline act, a crane based aerial silks performance (suspended underneath the Pyrocopter), fire/pyro performers and our animated hydraulic lift stage. All this will be staged with special effects and high-elevation pyrotechnic highlights. It will be great!


08. September 2013 by Gunner
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