Jonny Debt w/ Weekend Riot Club @the sainttweets May 2 2014 #hamont @jonnydebt @WeekendRiotClub

Jonny Debt B-Day Bash at “This Aint Hollywood” Hamilton Releasing New radio Single “Wish I Died” also featuring Weekend riot Club

Jonny Debt based in the Golden Horseshoe region of Ontario, Canada deliver charismatic performances and catchy alternative rock songs with provocative lyrics that capture the definitive essence and the innate desires of their fan base. Their unique pseudo-psychedelic approach to video production and the messages in their material, create an instantaneous appeal that is driven by universal themes and the magnetic personality of the band. The “Jonny Debt” band are road warriors and prolific song writers who thrive on the energy of live shows and the in-your-face interaction with their listeners.

The underground and viral popularity of the “God Song” and “Apple Tree” from their previous releases have inspired the band to forge ahead on their mission to write and release as many quality albums as possible and to perform in as many cities and towns across Canada, before expanding into the US market. 

It all started with Jonny Debt performing at parties and in basements in Southern Ontario that evolved into playing at clubs and sending their music to a few college radio stations, sharing CD’s with fans and friends and various venues. The band was enamoured with the fact that they eventually began to hear their music being played in random cars with their windows down driving down the streets of their home town, on college radio stations and in various bars and clubs in their region. Jonny Debt says “When you are genuine, authentic and honest and immerse yourself in a creative state you cant help but speak from the subconscious”. The band believes their songs are the quintessential playlist for a summer road trip and naturally pen music that is fun, that people sing along to at parties. Jonny Debt can’t help but to, unabashedly reflect on their own lives and create a unique style of music that could be referred to as “a rare new sound”.

Their 2013 album release titled “Prince of The Golden Horseshoe” has received critical acclaim from Canadian music industry insiders. The first single from the record is called “Bronze”, which is being promoted to commercial rock radio and the college and university radio markets nationally by an established and professional team. “Jonny Debt” is touring nationally, with dozens of shows confirming, to support the release and in the words of the band themselves, “We will play as many shows as possible this year”. Other notable songs from the new album “Canadian Boy” and “Splash In The Sun” are poised to be strong follow-up singles to the initial radio promotion of “Bronze”.

2013 will also see “Jonny Debt” showcasing at select music industry events that may include: SXSW and the national COCA conference which will expand the recognition of their music and brand and add to their legion of fans across Canada.

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Weekend Riot Club


“Solid radio-friendly CanRock. ” – Alan Cross

“There are hints of rock and hard country in the closing third, and it’s this section which will absolutely get the adrenaline flowing, making for a powerful conclusion to a polished, but certainly hard-edged piece.” – Overrating the Underrated

“It’s great to hear some gritty, throat-ripping vocals in this world that seems to prefer the melodic female leads.” – Snob’s Music

“to appreciate Weekend Riot Club, you must love the rock and have the volume at full tilt. – El Tino

“(Weekend Riot Club’s) scorching performance demonstrated that this relatively new Hamilton rock band deserves some high-profile attention.” – Graham Rockingham, Hamilton Spectator

“(Weekend Riot Club) take to whatever stage like it’s the ACC and their raw desire to rock comes out in every show.” – Ric Taylor

Check out the new video from Weekend Riot Club

Also on the show is Aaron Berger and the Blue Stars

This Ain’t Hollywood

345 James St. N., Hamilton, Ontario


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