LOU’S CONTROL July 9 2014 @manoliszontanos @gavinstephens @BenjaminRispin @933CFMU #hamont

Lou’s Control Rock N Roll Radio Program: The Master of the MP3 OF THE WEEK – Rob Sweeney sits in with Manolis Zontanos, Benjamin Rispin & yours truly! We will be playing all sorts of great music from bands such as The Strypes, Dr. Feelgood, Count Bishops, as well as Chris Klondike Masuak who was kind enough to send me a GREAT care package!!!! Plus our very own Tongue FU record!!!!
Lou’s Control Rock N Roll Radio Program – Wednesdays from 3pm to 5pm only on 93.3 CFMU – Tune in locally or hear via cyber world at cmfu.mcmaster.ca

Lou Molinaro https://www.facebook.com/lou.molinaro

Manolis Zontanos https://www.facebook.com/manolis.zontanos

Gavin Stephen      https://www.facebook.com/gavinstephen

Benjamin Rispin https://www.facebook.com/benjamin.rispin

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