Unscripted Fantasy Epics at the 2014 Hamilton Fringe Festival @HamOntFringe #hamont

TOMES – Unscripted Fantasy Epics at the Hamilton Fringe !
Secretly Illiterate Theatre is bringing the unscripted fantasy epic Tomes to the 2014 Hamilton Fringe
Festival. Every night, a cast of energetic improvisers will perform a live stage adaptation of a paperback
fantasy novel… without ever reading it! This smart and nerdy show is based on the colourful (yet
sometimes baffling) covers of fantasy and science-fiction paperbacks. Each show begins with an audience
member choosing from a box of books that none of the performers has ever read. Then, based solely on
the cover art and promotional copy, the cast performs the book beginning to end. The result is a hilarious,
genre-savvy, and sometimes even accidentally accurate story. The audience member even gets to keep the
book! !
Secretly Illiterate Theatre was founded in 2012 to produce improvised longform narratives. The
company’s members have performed at improv festivals in Toronto, New York, Chicago, North Carolina
and Virginia, and in The Second City’s conservatory program. Several of them teach improv in Toronto
and elsewhere. !
Tomes is a love letter to the best and worst of fantasy fiction. Every show is unique. Any given night may
teach the power of friendship and bravery, how barbarians fight wearing only loincloths, or why some evil
wizards are just trying to impress a blind date. It runs from July 17th to 27th at Mills Hardware (95 King
Street East). !
Tomes at the Hamilton Fringe Festival !
Directed/coached by Jess Bryson
Improvised by the company
Featuring: Justin Kosi, Erin Marchak, Candace Meeks,
Joan Patch, Mike Riverso, Doug Sheppard !
Mills Hardware, 95 King Street East, Hamilton, ON
Thursday, July 17 – 8:00pm
Sunday, July 20 – 9:00pm
Monday, July 21 – 8:30pm
Thursday, July 24 – 9:30pm
Friday, July 25 – 11:00pm
Saturday, July 26 – 9:00pm
Sunday, July 27 – 7:30pm !
Tickets: $10 (purchase of $4 Fringe Backer button required)
For advance tickets: www.hamiltonfringe.ca/tickets
Approximately 50 minutes !

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