J.P. Paul Riemens #hamont


Troubadour, songsmith, story teller, vagabond, JP Riemens tirelessly tramps his way around North America collecting life experience the way some people collect baseball cards.The end result is an extensive original catalogue of real life stories that happen to both good and bad people. Not always sugar-coated, his melodies are unforgettable, his lyrics intelligent, authentic and most of all, believable. His eclectic musical taste and lifestyle has kept him pretty much under the radar for most of his carreer, but Riemens maintains a loyal following of hardcore fans across the continent. HOUSE CONCERTS RULE!

J.P. performs as a solo artist, in a duo or as leader of the roots/rock group,The Fabulous Bar Flies.


Facebook: J.P. Paul Riemens

Website: jpriemens.com

30. December 2014 by Gunner
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