THE WOODEN SKY w/ LOWLANDS & More! $15.00 + SC Advance | 8PM | LIC-AA @casbahhamilton #hamont

There is new music from The Wooden Sky coming in 2017. For now, the band is preparing to head back out onto the familiar roads around Highway 401 – including a stop in Hamilton at The Casbah – to perform some of the new songs, as well as material from the band’s previous four albums, at familiar venues.

The Wooden Sky play The Casbah stage on Thursday, October 27, 2016.

“brilliantly captures a wide, and oft ambiguous, spectrum of emotion: devastation, contentedness, hope and everything in between” – Exclaim

“Superior from Canadian collective. The Wooden Sky mine a deep seam of US influences -from The Violent Femmes to The Replacements,while anyone who fell in love with Ryan Adams around the millennium will find much of the resteasy to love”- Uncut

“their niche may be folk and country melodies, but throughout their [career] you can hear subtle nods to other genres hidden underneath the twangy guitars” – Paste Magazine


“…shambles and jangles exquisitely in the mould of the War on Drugs… a propulsive nugget pitched somewhere between Uncle Tupelo and Dinosaur Jr. and.. shaggy, slack-assed [they] prove there’s still much inspiration to be mined from “Sweet Jane” after all these years” – The Toronto Star (Reasons To Live, 2014)


“the first few chords have the effect of making our heart race … Gardiner’s voice is so emotional, one would think his throat itself is brokenhearted” – Interview Magazine


” …atmospheric, War on Drugs like guitars and a swirling atmosphere that feels more influenced by mood music like M83 than the roots of yore”- The Wild Honey Pie


“Every Wooden Sky song sounds as if it came to the writer as one of the best lessons that they could have learned at the time – fully aware of all the colors, shades, people, problems, pros and cons of every surrounding and what it would take to make things right in theory” – Daytrotter

“gives a hint of the palette used throughout the record: gentle waltz time, distant, elegiac vocal harmonies, and a vocal that sits midway between Cold Roses and In The Aeroplane Over The Sea.”- Line of Best Fit








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