THE ELEPHANT GIRLS @TheStaircase July 20-30, 2017 #HamOnt

True story of the all-female gang that once terrorized London, England.

“Without doubt, they were the most notorious girl gang Britain’s ever seen.”
—Brian McDonald, The Gangs of London

Clever, organized, devious and daring; The Elephant Girls stole from the rich and gave to themselves. This is the gripping story of the all-female gang that terrorized London for over 100 years. A fascinating piece of lost women’s history, only recently brought to light, the play focuses on the 1920s when the gang was at the height of its power—and when the events took place which would come to mean its downfall.

“Right here, right now, for one night only, I’ll tell you something special I ain’t never told no one before; I’ll tell you the truth.”
—Maggie Hale, The Elephant Girls

Maggie Hale — the gang’s suit-wearing, bloody-knuckled, girl-chasing “enforcer”— will tell you all. Who they were, what they did, how they got away with it, and how it all came crashing down. But should you trust the words of someone who’s made deception her stock-in-trade? Just how much are you sure you want to hear?

Wrapping issues of power, class, gender, and the nature of violence around the story of Maggie Hale, the show uses history to grapple with issues our society still struggles with today.

A gripping, psychological insight into gang life…The Elephant Girls evolves into a deeply psychological struggle between truth and fiction, as Maggie wrestles with the dangerous passion that bubbles beneath her carefully constructed bravado. Complex, subtle, and often deeply uncomfortable, this battle is fascinating to watch.
—Jordan Shaw, The List

Written and performed by Margo MacDonald, the production has won multiple awards in Canada (Outstanding Overall, Critics’ Pick for Best Show, Ottawa Fringe Festival; Outstanding New Work, Outstanding Direction, and Outstanding Performance, Les Prix Rideau Awards; Best Actress, Capital Critics’ Circle), sold out shows (100% Sold Out, Ottawa Fringe; 100% Sold Out, Winnipeg Fringe), and rave reviews. Picked up from last year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the show arrives in Hamilton after playing at Draper Hall in London, England (April 6-22), the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival in Ireland (May 8-13), and the Brighton Fringe Festival in England (May 20-26).

The Elephant Girls
Parry Riposte Productions
Hamilton Fringe Festival
Elaine Mae Theatre, The Staircase
July 20-30, 2017
$10 ($8) – 70 minutes

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