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SATURDAY JUN 23 Wax Mannequin LP/CD launch w SarahGood&TheBads+HeavyWaves/FRIDAY JUN 22 The NOBLE Savages with Brutal Cherie( former members of Sexhead)/THURSDAY  JUN 21 Frankie & Jimmy’s 12″ Vinyl & CD Release w their 6 piece band/WEDNESDAY OPEN JAM 2:30 to 5:30 GALLERY 345 IN EXILE/THURSDAYS  ARTS & CRAFTERNOONS – 4pm to 7pm/SUNDAY   JUN 24 Slamfest 84: Cathartics Christ Choker Upper Deckers Coach Bombay

MONDAY Kiwanas Bingo on Cable 14



ARTS & CRAFTERNOONS!  4pm to 7pm – EVERY THURSDAY! – This might be one of the coolest ideas for an afternoon hang! Our bartender Leah Visser who is also part of Hammer City Records came up with this fab creative incentive! Thanks Tara Bursey for such an incredible poster. BTW.

THURSDAY  JUN 21 Frankie & Jimmy’s 12″ Vinyl & CD Release w their 6 piece band

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Hamilton’s Poor Man’s Blues Bros FRANKIE & JIMMY proudly present their sophomore album “Blues On The Brain” on 12″ VINYL and CD with Winnipeg label Transistor 66, recorded in single takes at The White House, Hamilton & mixed by Nick Johannes, mastered by Mike Trebilcock. They will be performing with their 6 piece band aka Hamilton’s DJ Killers.

The 6 piece band will be:
Franc Adamczyk: Slide Guitar and Some Yellin
Jim Fitzgerald Jr: Harmonica and Alotta Yellin
Matt Mangano: Saxamaphone & Sass
Brandon Dean: Keys
Marc Baldassi: Bass Guitar
Patrick Sirrs: Drums

Special Guests performing this evening are:

Hairy Holler (Oshawa) https://hairyholler.bandcamp.com/
Sleazy tavern pickpocket music, for madmen only. A 6 piece freak out jazz orchestra fronted by a howling muppet.

Kalyna Rakel (Toronto) https://www.kalynarakel.com/
In 2007 ‘Kaleena’ was a 16 year old rising RnB singer with a video featured on Much Music and an album of original songs. At 18 she became severely ill and for three years was left with barely enough energy to go about her days. Bed ridden and disillusioned she let her dreams of music go. After healing she embarked on a life-changing trip to Europe; in her first week everything she had was stolen and she found herself sleeping on the streets. There she met a group of street musicians who inspired her to try music again. On her return she taught herself to play guitar and began busking, writing songs and developing her sound as Kalyna Rakel. Since then she has released 4 albums of original music, performed across Europe, Canada and the United States and been featured in festivals and on radio stations all across the world.

$10 cover

FRIDAY JUN 22 The NOBLE Savages with Brutal Cherie( former members of Sexhead)

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June 22nd – THE NOBLE SAVAGES with BRUTAL CHERIE ( former members of Sexhead) THE RESPONSIBLES/ debut of DJ PUNK DADDY- 9pm

The Noble Savages https://www.facebook.com/noblesavages/

Brutal Chérie https://www.facebook.com/Brutal-Ch%C3%A9rie-213126902140633/

THE RESPONSIBLES http://theresponsibles.ca/

SATURDAY JUN 23 Wax Mannequin LP/CD launch w SarahGood&TheBads+HeavyWaves

Advance tickets: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/wax-mannequin-lpcd-release-w-sarah-good-the-bads-heavy-waves-tickets-45864546092?aff=es2

I hope that you will attend this, my record launch celebration.
I promise that it will be filled with all manner of planned surprises and goodtime happenstance. The album took an earnest while to create and involved many of my best and most talented friends. I’m trying to get everyone together to reproduce it live. Then I will travel again.

I am very excited that Sarah Good & The Bads will perform
as well as Heavy Waves (members of Astral Witch)

Both write ferocious songs that make me weak in the knees. They might make you swoon and yell.

My new album is called Have A New Name. It will be released (vinyl and CD) nationally on COAX records/Outside distribution. COAX is a wonderful not-for-profit label run by Rae Spoon, and home to quality friends of mine like Bird City (Jenny Mitchell), Concealer and Geoff Berner. I encourage you to explore the entire COAX catalogue at…

Recently, someone typed flattering words about me and my new record. At the risk of seeming immodest, I have posted these words below in order to give you a sense of what to expect from the album. Here they are:

Wax Mannequin
Have A New Name

Wax Mannequin (aka Hamilton, Ontario’s Christopher Adeney) is many things to many people. A lyricist, songsmith and self-effacing showman certainly, but also a student of the human psyche, constantly finding fresh and interesting ways to frame the people we are and the things we encounter.

All of that is gloriously displayed on the seventh Wax Mannequin album, Have A New Name, the result of Adeney reuniting with producer Edwin Burnett, with whom he made some of the first Wax Mannequin recordings in the early 2000s. Working in a small east-end Hamilton industrial space containing an array of vintage and modern gear, the pair—along with percussionist Mark Raymond—crafted Have A New Name’s eight songs out of semi-impromptu sessions that eventually expanded with the addition of grand
piano, gamba da viola, double bass and a 12 piece choir. The end product is the most sonically ambitious Wax Mannequin album to date, and also arguably the most powerful.

As an example, Adeney points to the album’s closing track “Longest Hour,” an atmospheric travelogue that never lags over the course of its nearly nine minutes. Other songs on Have A New Name such as “Basketball” and “Squirmy Wormy” are rooted in whimsy, while the songs “Someone Fixed The Game” and “People Can Change” display a maturity that signals Wax Mannequin is indeed more than capable of reaching wider audiences without sacrificing any of his edge.

With Have A New Name, Christopher Adeney has made a Wax Mannequin album utterly necessary for this moment in time. Challenging and earthy, funny and heartbreaking, in search of answers yet rooted in hard-earned wisdom.

SUNDAY   JUN 24 Slamfest 84: Cathartics Christ Choker Upper Deckers Coach Bombay

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Jamie Problem & Hammer City Records Present
Slamfest #84: June Punk Rock Manatee


Doors at 8pm

This Aint Hollywood 345 James street North during hours of operation 289 396 3911 – – online at http://www.thisainthollywood.ca/

Dr.Disc Hamilton 22 Wilson Street : 905-523-1010 .drdisc.ca/tickets

Hammer City Records 228 James St N Basement @ Rear Off Robert St Hamilton, Ontario (905) 546-7869

Crash Landing Music Store 1189 Cannon Street East Hamilton, Ontario (905) 548-0039

website: http://www.thisainthollywood.ca/

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