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Jamie ‘Gunner’ Smith has been working in the Hamilton music industry for over two decades.  He has played many roles including tour manager, publicist, radio station program director, teacher and mentor.   His latest project is Gunnersmith.ca, a web platform devoted to all things Hamilton.




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  1. Hey, Gunner,

    Thanks for the nacho tips, we’re about to hit up the Pheasant Plucker now!

    I wasn’t able to find the post about Tomes on the site. Would you mind posting about us? The press release is at https://www.dropbox.com/s/gig932725z11lb6/Tomes%20press%20release.pdf and our key image is https://www.dropbox.com/s/hpf82fmctuv9lc5/Tomes%20promo%20key.jpg

    We also do a monthly comedy show in Toronto. We’re always looking for openers, so if you know any comedians or improvisors who are looking to do an out-of-town show, please let me know.

    Thanks so much! It was a pleasure to meet you!


  2. Unscripted Fantasy Epics at the 2014 Hamilton Fringe Festival @HamOntFringe #hamont http://gunnersmith.ca/2014/07/unscripted-fantasy-epics-at-the-2014-hamilton-fringe-festival-hamontfringe-hamont/ via @gunner101

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